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The Stepped Approach

Onboard Better, Systemize Smarter, and Bring Out the Best in Your Sales Team

By: Dionne Mejer

It is a mystery why sales leaders are often thrown into their positions without a clue as to how to go about guiding a sales team.

In most professions, training is a requirement, but many times sales leaders are simply hired with the expectation that they intrinsically know how to motivate and encourage a team.

Most often this is not the case, and author Dionne Mejer has spent the last several decades training sales leaders how to effectively lead using a simple-to-follow stepped approach that consistently gives great results.

In The Stepped Approach: Onboard Better, Systemize Smarter, and Bring Out the Best in Your Sales Team, Dionne lays out a simple but effective system that will have your sales team buzzing with productivity, team spirit, and positivity.

She holds nothing back when sharing a system that she has proven to be highly effective and manageable. Using worksheets, scorecards, and accountability activities, sales leaders are taught not only how to bring out the best in their teams, but to use what they’ve learned to become great all-around leaders both in their professional and personal lives.

Dionne Mejer

CEO & Founder of Inside Sales by Design

She credits her upbringing for giving her the tools to strategize, plan, and manage expectations in both her personal and business life. After working at a variety of jobs, she…

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