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The True Power Of Chiropractic

Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability to Adapt, Renew, and Restore

By: Jason Ingham

With over one hundred Americans dying everyday to opioid overdose, doctors must look toward permanent solutions before the epidemic continues to spiral out of control.

This is where chiropractic comes into play. Instead of throwing medicine at symptoms and chronic pain and hoping they go away, chiropractic is a nonsurgical solution that can alleviate pain and save you money down the road.

From watching his mother see dramatic results with her polio through chiropractic treatment, to being treated himself as a child, Dr. Jason W. Ingham knows the benefits of chiropractic all too well. He wrote this book as a guide for a pain-free life―one where you don’t have to use medicine as a crutch.

In The True Power of Chiropractic: Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to Adapt, Renew, and Restore, Dr. Ingham will share his knowledge with you so you can take your first steps to improving your life through chiropractic.


Jason Ingham


After completing his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Anatomy, and Psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Ingham went on to earn his Doctorate…

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