the voice of math book cover by dave kester

The Voice of Math

Unlock Your Imagination With the Narrative of Numbers

By: Dave Kester

A journey through math. Have you always wondered about the mysteries of the universe? The patterns we see in life aren’t a coincidence, and it’s taken thousands of years for us to see it. Take a dive into a book where we analyze what you think you know then turn it on its head. Did we always know that the patterns we see in seashells also exist in galaxies?

Did ancient societies unlock the key to coding, and can we use principles thousands of years old to create innovations that were once just science fiction? Journey into The Voice of Math, a fascinating dive into understanding numbers, where they came from, and where they can take us, not only in laboratories, but in our daily lives.


Dave Kester

Owner and Founder of Coaching Actuaries

Dave Kester has spent years exploring mathematical patterns and has found a great passion for finding their connections with everyday life. His love of math and his mission to uplift…

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