Complete Guide to TOGAF 9.2 Certification

TOGAF®️ Simplified

A Complete Guide To TOGAF®️ 9.2 Certification

By: Suresh Done

TOGAF® Version 9.2 is widely considered the standard framework for Enterprise Architecture. But at a staggering 532 pages, the full specifications manual can be a daunting and difficult read for students preparing for their Level 1 certification test.

Even the shorter 119-page TOGAF® pocket guide can prove a challenge for those just beginning their journeys in Enterprise Architecture.

TOGAF® Simplified: A Complete Guide to TOGAF 9.2 Certification provides an easier-to-understand path to introduce students to the core concepts of Enterprise Architecture and helpful study tools, including a glossary of key definitions, memorization devices, and comprehensive study guide.

For those pursuing a career in Enterprise Architecture, this book will serve as a concise yet comprehensive guide on the road to success.


Suresh Done

Founder and Chief Architect, SNA Technologies

SNA Technologies has offices in Singapore, UAE and many other countries. Under Suresh’s leadership, SNA Technologies achieved “Company of the month” in the CIO Review magazine for the July 2015…

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