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Triple Bottom-Line Compliance

How To Deliver Protection, Productivity, and Impact

By: Beth Haddock

“A must-read for compliance professionals. Eight strategies for success at every level with the added benefit of strengthening the culture and value of the compliance profession.” – Lisa Crossley, Executive Director, The National Society Of Compliance Professionals

Collectively, Compliance officers protect our economy by increasing market transparency and guarding customer interests. Individually, they can stabilize, propel, or even enable the downfall of the organization that employs them. What power! Yet Compliance officers face a host of issues limiting their influence. There is a narrow perception of the value of Compliance to an organization, and a misunderstanding of the inherent conflicts of interest Compliance officers wrestle with daily.

Triple Bottom-Line Compliance shows you―the Compliance officer―how to deliver protection, productivity, and impact in your organization. It shares strategies for delivering a new type of Compliance system that not only defends and protects an organization, but also proactively helps it perform better. A Compliance officer is not just protecting the organization and mitigating regulatory risk as a gatekeeper, but is also helping the organization realize its full value―whether it’s measured in profitability, growth, stability, credibility, or fulfillment of its mission. In this book, author Beth Haddock will teach you how to focus on business interests, behavioral incentives, and the importance of relationships in order to both sustain and grow and your organization.


Beth Haddock

CEO and Founder, Warburton Advisors

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