UPLEVEL YOUR Communication book cover

UPLEVEL YOUR Communication

Evolve Your Presence and Speech to Change Everything


The world has a deep need for true leaders who are mature and move beyond their ego to get to the heart of the matter. The leaders of the future will be those who lead by example with emotional depth, character, candor, and humor; those who speak with intelligence and heart, compassion and courage.

InUpLevel Your Communication, author Dr. Miluna Fausch helps executives and leaders learn to speak in a voice that is clear, charismatic, courteous, compassionate, courageous, and inclusive.

It’s time to stop talking at people instead of with them. It’s time to stop using aggressive, bullying language and expecting folks to do what you say simply because you’re the boss. When you choose to begin to speak differently, it will lead directly to abetter quality of life, both personally and professionally.It’s time to reinvent and recreate yourself and the way you express yourself, and find your pitch-perfect voice.

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