wall street lies book

Wall Street Lies

5 Myths to Keep Your Cash in Their Game

By: J. Ted Oakley

In Wall Street Lies,  Ted Oakley, Pat Swanson, and Trey Crain deliver the message we all know to be true: Wall Street Firms all have their best interest in mind and unfortunately, not yours.

Most Wall Street executives are there for the benefit of a huge, one-time paycheck when they leave. It is a political game that has been played for decades and continues today. They have mastered the art of rolling everything downhill to the salesforce. In the interim, they have done everything possible to blur the lines so that the average investor has no clue as to what is really the truth, which leads to millions of dollars being placed in illiquid, fee-full investments.

The art of true investing was forgotten a long time ago as Wall Street became a sales spot with no mention of fundamental analysis. So many of the people in these organizations have no background in business finance and very little in the items they sell. Most business owners would never dream of placing large sums of money in areas of their business that will easily lay off to some big investment banks. Wall Street Lies will help investors as they move forward.


J. Ted Oakley

Founder, Oxbow Advisors

The “Oxbow Principles” and the firm’s proprietary investment strategies were developed as a result of the unique perspective Ted gained throughout his almost four-decade tenure advising high net worth investors.

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