Wealth is a Women's Work book cover

Wealth is Women’s Work

How Women Can Make a Long-Term Impact with a Career in Wealth Management

By: Peggy Ruhlin CPA/PFS, CFP®

More women than ever before are the primary financial decision-makers in their households, but the number of women in wealth management careers continues to lag.

In Wealth is Women’s Work, Peggy Ruhlin combines stories and statistics to dispel the myths, hesitations, and beliefs that keep women from pursuing careers as financial planners.

Ruhlin argues for the benefits of a career in wealth management—including work-life balance, excellent pay, and rewarding relationships—and highlights the unique skills and talents that women bring to the field.

In these pages, Ruhlin speaks to women of all ages, inviting them to consider careers as financial planners, showing them the transferable skills that they already possess, and offering advice on how to pursue internships, jobs, and formal certification.

In conjunction with her efforts to recruit women to the profession, Ruhlin directly addressed industry gatekeepers, at once admonishing and encouraging them to hire and mentor more women.


Peggy Ruhlin CPA/PFS, CFP®

Special Advisor and Masters Coach

Peggy is one of America’s most distinguished women in wealth management. She received the Alexandra Armstrong Award for lifetime achievement, was named one of the “20 Most Influential Women to…

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