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Wealth On Purpose

A Field Guide for New Business Owners

By: Carlos H. Lowenberg Jr.

Every successful business owner goes through three distinct stages: Survival, Growth and
Maturity. No matter what stage your business is in, you are likely preoccupied with how
the business can better the lives of your family, your employees and your community and
how it can be grown for a successful exit. In WEALTH ON PURPOSE®, Wealth Steward
for Business Owners, Carlos H. Lowenberg, Jr., ChFC® provides leadership, clarity and
confidence to help you make informed decisions about your business wealth as he covers
three core areas:

1. Creating Your Vision: discovering and developing a vision for your wealth
2. Building and Managing Your Wealth: nurturing your team and tackling taxes
while you build your wealth
3. Safeguarding Your Future: preparing for succession and windfall events while
protecting your legacy

With proper planning and management, you and your business can thrive and provide
for your family, your key stakeholders and your community.


Carlos H. Lowenberg Jr.

Founder & CEO, Lowenberg Group

Carlos H. Lowenberg Jr. ChFC® is the founder and CEO of several successful businesses, including Lowenberg Group, LLC, a wealth management firm located in Austin, Texas. Mr. Lowenberg has over…

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