Who Are You When You Are BIG? by Allan Milham and Kimberly Roush

Who Are You…When You Are BIG?

By: Allan Milham & Kimberly Roush

Who Are You… When You Are BIG? It’s a simple but essential question that can change your life and the way you lead others. The authors have asked more than 1,500 leaders to answer it and have witnessed its power to transform.

To be “BIG” isn’t about ego, title or money. It is about accessing your core inner values and strengths. When you are BIG, work becomes easy and effortless, even in the face of great challenges.

The authors are elite professional coaches who have worked with thousands of top performing leaders, from Fortune 100 executives to successful entrepreneurs. Here you will find tools and resources to develop that inner power and discover your brand of authentic leadership – from the inside out.

To be big, in short, is to be in your most resourceful state, and you can step into that state at any moment. It is a place of hope and possibility, where you can live and lead intentionally and courageously.

To know who you are when you are BIG, you become the kind of leader who thrives instead of merely survives. And you find that those around you are playing BIG, too.

Soon you will be asking, together, “Who are WE when WE are BIG?” This power of this book goes far beyond the corporate suite. It ripples out to strengthen families and communities. This is the game changer you have yearned for in yourself and for all those who need your best leadership now. This is BIG.


Allan Milham & Kimberly Roush

Elite Executive Coaches

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