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Who’s In The Waiting Room? By Neal Goldstein

Create the Life You Want through the Power of Authentic Relationships

By: Neal Goldstein

When reflecting back on his life as a legacy for his children, author and attorney Neal Goldstein discovered something very powerful―that it is other people who have helped shape who he is today. On that journey of self-discovery, he found that there are five behaviors anyone can adopt to foster quality relationships: find your people, acknowledge the need for each other, listen more than you talk, recognize the value of face-to-face contact, and find common ground.

In Who’s in the Waiting Room? Create the Life You Want Through the Power of Authentic Relationships, Neal shares with readers how the pain of his youth became his power and offers actionable success moves to help anyone recognize their own “others” and how strengthening those relationships can lead to a far more successful life.


Neal Goldstein

Owner, Goldstein & Bashner, P.C.

In the book, he shares his moving stories and asks the reader, through the lessons he learned, to look at their own lives through his action steps at the end…

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