Build Your Business Not Your IT Department book

Why You Should Build Your Business Not Your IT Department

A Guide To Selecting The Right Technology Partner To Keep Ahead Of The Changes Affecting Your Growing Business

By: David E. Eisner

Are you getting all you can from your IT expert or provider? Are your questions being answered? Is their advice leading your business in the right direction?

If you’ve answered no to any or all of these questions, this book can provide you with the tools you need to turn things around.

In today’s business world, industry leaders need to stay up to date with current technology trends for fear of falling behind. As if the technology alone weren’t enough to boggle small business owners, now they have a variety of management options to choose from. First, there were too many technology choices and nowhere to go.

Now, there are too many places to go. The reward for choosing well, however, can be unprecedented growth.

In this book, David E. Eisner, founder of one of the top IT managed services providers in the world, provides small business owners with the right tools to select an IT partner to help them grow.

He provides everything to consider when looking for a solution to your technology needs. Unless you are an IT expert yourself, you will likely spend too much time and resources trying to address your technology predicaments, and you may even lose money trying to tackle this yourself rather than hiring a professional.

These decisions can make or break a business in some cases, so they certainly should not be handled lightly. In order for your small business to succeed in the long run, your employees, clients, and technology need to work together seamlessly. You need a partner with experience in staying ahead of the game, and David can help you find that someone.


David E. Eisner

CEO, Dataprise

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