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Winning Adaptive Sales

Accelerate Your Success by Leading With Insights

By: Lee Hicks

You’re a sales professional reaching for the next level in your career―striving for great client relationships and strategic partnerships. And by beginning your journey with Lee Hicks in WINNING ADAPTIVE SALES, you are taking that first step in transforming your career in sales.It is just that drive that will transform your career in sales as you adapt to the rapidly changing environment bearing down on today’s market. Adapting is not simply a choice―it’s critical to your success.

In WINNING ADAPTIVE SALES, Lee Hicks, natural-born coach, leader, and teacher, conveys tactics to take control in transforming your career in sales in order to live a “Yes You Can” life.You can lift your expectations higher: when you expect more from your organization and yourself, you make true transformation possible. You can reinvent yourself and your organization and achieve more than ever in your career. You can change your world.

It all starts here, where you will learn to:

  • Target strategic accounts within prioritized vertical markets.
  • Leverage social-selling assets to “teach” online customers and prospects.
  • Lead your customer’s buying journey.
  • Close larger deals faster.
  • Exceed your quota . . . and make more money.

Lee Hicks

Founder, Winning Adaptive Sales

Lee’s talent has touched some of the biggest names in the business, having created a “leadership fraternity” of the most successful people and technologies behind the sales industry’s new leading…

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