patients guide to worry free dentistry

Worry-Free Dentistry At Last

A Patient's Guide To Anxiety-Free Dentistry

By: Scott Billings and Christopher Murphy

Dental anxiety and fear is something often experienced but rarely talked about. Maybe you’re embarrassed to tell someone about your fears and would rather just not see the dentist at all. But if you’re reading this, know that you are not alone―about 75 percent of Americans suffer from some degree of dental anxiety.

Dr. Scott Billings and Dr. Christopher Murphy know these patients all too well. They have seen everything―patients who struggled with claustrophobia or those who were scared of being hurt.

That’s why they wrote Worry-Free Dentistry at Last! A Patient’s Guide to Anxiety-Free Dentistry―to examine every aspect of dental phobias, breaking them down so they can show you how a caring, compassionate, and skilled dentist can help you get past them.


Scott Billings and Christopher Murphy

Owners, Eastern Shore Dental Care

  He has also received numerous other accolades, including: “Favorite Business Owner” and “Favorite Dentist” by The Shore Update, “Top Doc” and “Top Invisalign Provider” by What’s Up! Eastern Shore;…

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