Writing and Publishing

Our award-winning ghostwriters, editors, book designers/packagers, and brand and media strategists have helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals publish high-impact books. With our streamlined independent book publishing process, your time is valued as our team of publishing professionals guides you from ideation to completion.

Publishing Programs Comparison

Complete your manuscript and we’ll perform the editing, design, publishing, and distribution.
Manuscript with Book Coach
We’ll help you finish your manuscript with a book coach and we’ll perform the editing, publishing, and distribution.
We’ll custom match you with a ghostwriter and we'll perform the editing, publishing, and distribution.
Full Creative Control
Ownership Rights
Editing, Proofing, Formatting
Custom Book Cover Design
Online Retail Distribution
Offline Retail Distribution
eBook Creation
News Release
Book Coaching
Ghostwritten Manuscript
Royalties Hardcover 50%, Paperback 80%, ebook 50%, Audiobook n/a, Translations 75%
Book Promotional Services: Public Relations Campaign, Amazon Best Seller Campaign, Book Seeding & Reader Review Campaign, Amazon Optimization & Advertising, Publishing Industry Reviews & Awards. Available a la carte. View Details

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