Andy Bailey Says Book Is His Company's #1 Marketing Tool

“I got to see Adam Witty speak and deliver his message a couple of years ago at a Gazelles Summit. I immediately attached myself to Adam and said, ‘How do I get my own book?’ He walked me through that process. It was very simple. Took a little bit of time, six to eight months, to get things down, another six months to actually get it published, but the book is all about being the authority in your field. To date, we’ve given out and sold a few of these books. Somewhere close to 10,000 of them. We use them in our sales and marketing process. Any time we get a new lead who is interested in learning more about coaching, we send them a copy of this book in a really nice box. We put a little bit of extra marketing around the book itself. These go out to our candidates, people who have raised their hand. It tells our story extremely well. The #1 marketing tool that we have is our book. It could be yours as well!”

What is Your Authority Score?