Who Qualifies for Forbes Books?

Forbes Books is a Highly Selective Organization. Each Author We Work with is Significantly Vetted.

Forbes Books authors comprise an exclusive community of industry professionals, idea-makers, and thought leaders. Forbes Books authors are limited to those that qualify and meet specific criteria.

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Professionals that are Leaders in Their Field

    Forbes Books works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals who are outstanding in their field. These individuals have credentialized themselves through a track record of success in their business, industry, and/or community.

  • High Impact and Growth Organizations

    We look for members who represent organizations with hyper growth potential, accelerating revenue models, and high impact opportunity in their industry, community, or marketplace. Forbes Books authors have incredible stories, passion, and knowledge that benefit others by being shared and amplified.

  • Awards and Recognition

    We look for leaders whose success in a given industry, community, or marketplace has been recognized by reputable organizations (i.e., industry or governing body awards, certifications, credentials, rankings, and/or media).

  • Community Impact

    Our Core Purpose is Growing Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Benefit all Mankind. We want our authorities to be as passionate about that idea as we are. We seek out authors who have exemplified true leadership in their industry, community, or marketplace by giving back through volunteering, investing, donating, teaching, and mentoring.

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