How to Win Customers and Influence People with Chris Kuenne (Part Two)

In the conclusion of Dave's conversation with Chris Kuenne, they dive into the topic of leadership and how it differs from management. Chris shares his insights on how leaders can shape the future with conviction and courage, and why every leader needs a mentor to guide them. He also reveals the four types of founders that he identified in his book Built for Growth, and how each one has a distinct personality, motivation, and approach to building a business.  Don’t miss this fascinating and inspiring conclusion of Dave's talk with Chris Kuenne on Coming About. About Chris Kuenne: Chis is founder of Rosetta and Rosemark, is a highly successful entrepreneur, business builder, best-selling author and member of Princeton University’s faculty. For more than 35 years he has been fascinated by the question of what motivates people to act as they do in a commercial context. He has devoted his career to translating insights about customer motivation into personalized sales and marketing techniques that accelerate enterprise growth. He and his team built, scaled, and sold Rosetta, a leading digital technology and services business to the Publicis Groupe for $575M. Chris is now focused with his colleagues at Rosemark on applying these growth techniques to build a software platform to support consumer marketing companies to drive consumer lifetime value through next gen personalization. He published a Wall Street Journal best-selling book entitled, Built For Growth, with his Princeton colleague, John Danner, on how the Personality of the Founder defines and shapes the growth of a new venture. Chris has been a frequent speaker to various business leadership audiences, including the Young President’s Organization (YPO), venture capital associations, in addition to the American Council for Growth (ACG) and the CFO Roundtable, among many others. He has been an active contributor to Forbes and a range of other leading industry magazines and journals such as Advertising Age, AdWeek, Banking Strategies and Pharmaceutical Executive. He has also appeared on CNBC Street Signs, Forbes and many other podcasts and other media outlets. Prior to founding Rosetta, Chris co-led the retail marketing practice at First Manhattan Consulting Group, following 10 years in marketing management at Johnson & Johnson, where he led the Band Aid® and Tylenol®brand franchises. Chris serves on various corporate and nonprofit boards. Chris received his MBA with Honors from Harvard Business School, and his BA from Princeton.

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