The Making of a Marketing Leader: Grace Tobin's Inspiring Story (Part One)

On this episode of Coming About, David sits down with Grace Tobin, a seasoned marketing leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Grace shares her incredible career journey, from unexpectedly falling into pharma right out of college to pivoting across roles in sales, marketing, and global strategy. Despite initial challenges, Grace found mentors who guided her in becoming a “corporate citizen” and mastering the art of gaining consensus across cultures as she advanced into global marketing roles. David and Grace dive deep into her superpower of inspirational leadership that empowers teams to collectively own the vision, as she shares how she navigated brave career pivots to ultimately evolve into a transformational leader. Tune in for an inspiring masterclass from one of pharma’s most respected change agents on perseverance, personal growth, and galvanizing teams around a shared mission.

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David Paragamian

As the CEO of The Health Monitor Network, he guided the company through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping it pivot from legacy print media company to an industry-leading, modern, digital marketing platform. David grew up a rule follower, coloring inside the lines and dreaming of attending the Naval Academy. Three decades of experience taught him that sometimes it’s better to break the rules—and embrace the gift of the pivot. A CEO, board member, business school professor,…

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