Trailblazing Transformation: A Conversation with Risa Wexler on Navigating the Digital Landscape (Part One)

On this week's episode of "Coming About," David speaks with Risa Wexler to discuss the key transformational moments that have led her to become a pioneer and leader in the world of media, technology, and digital transformation. With over 20 years of experience across both agencies and leading CPG and pharma companies like Pfizer, Risa has not only witnessed emerging technologies and trends come and go but has also learned to distinguish lasting game-changers from passing fads. Her expertise spans the full gamut of the consumer product and pharmaceutical industries; she knows their ins and outs as well as the path forward. Now, Risa looks forward to sharing her wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm with others. Join David and Risa as they reflect on the critical career decisions and changes that have defined her path, from the small pivotal moments to the big, brave choices, as well as where the industry is heading next. Risa will impart invaluable lessons learned over her pioneering career at the forefront of digital transformation.

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David Paragamian

As the CEO of The Health Monitor Network, he guided the company through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping it pivot from legacy print media company to an industry-leading, modern, digital marketing platform. David grew up a rule follower, coloring inside the lines and dreaming of attending the Naval Academy. Three decades of experience taught him that sometimes it’s better to break the rules—and embrace the gift of the pivot. A CEO, board member, business school professor,…

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