Episode 03 | Part One: Empowering Student CEOs: Benny Pekala's Insights on Navigating the Startup Ecosystem

This week, Jim welcomes special guest, Benny Pekala, a renowned blockchain expert, and Co-Founder of Cryptan Labs, and Founder of Birdwell Solutions. With his extensive experience in building 15+ web and mobile apps serving over 10,000 users, Benny is a seasoned software builder passionate about creating groundbreaking web3 apps.  In this episode, we delve into Benny's entrepreneurial journey and his expertise in blockchain technology. As the Head of Development at Cryptan Labs, Benny shares valuable insights on how he's helping early-stage companies structure and execute their technical roadmap in the rapidly changing landscape of emerging technologies. With his background in software development and his focus on web3 apps through Birdwell Solutions, Benny brings a unique perspective on the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on various industries. Join us as we explore the future of blockchain with Benny Pekala, gain practical insights into navigating the world of emerging technologies, and learn from his experiences as a software builder and advisor to early-stage companies. Don't miss this engaging conversation on Graduate a CEO with Jim Hunter! Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve in the world of blockchain technology. About Benny Pekala:  Co-Founder & Head of Development at Cryptan Labs and Founder of Birdwell Solutions, Benny is a software builder focused on creating groundbreaking web3 apps. With a background building 15+ apps serving 10,000+ users with his web3 software development company Birdwell Solutions he is now Head of Development at Cryptan Labs where he advises early-stage companies on how to structure and execute their technical roadmap in addition to leading development teams.  

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