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James H Hunter III

Jim Hunter is the Bostrom entrepreneur in residence and has taught entrepreneurship courses at the Lubar School of Business since the late 1990s.


He is the president/managing member of three companies, CFO of one company, executive vice president of one company, and director of three companies/organizations. Jim has mentored students and others as they have purchased or started a business. He continues teaching, acting as an advisor to individuals starting and running companies, and serving on free-market-oriented nonprofit boards.

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Graduate a CEO

Why College Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Business

Do you think about how you can make money while you’re still in school or wonder if you’ll be able to find a job in your field when you graduate? If you do, now’s the time to consider becoming an entrepreneur. Collegiate entrepreneurship provides you access to entrepreneurial courses, mentors,…

Graduate a CEO

Why College Is the Perfect Time to Start Your Business

College students ordinarily have more spare time than graduates and are fortunate to have access to campus resources and creative thinkers. It’s the perfect time to become an entrepreneur. Join…

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