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Aaron Zwas

Presidet, Zwas Group

Aaron Zwas is a consulting journeyman with 15 years of independent experience as a strategic technology advisor. Having explored many different lifestyles over the course of his career, Zwas has created the T2I plan to uniquely suit to the varied lives and needs of his readers.


He manages his consulting practice, Zwas Group, from his home office, enabling him to spend a significant amount of time with his family.

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Transition To Independence

Use The T2I Plan To Live And Work On Your Terms In The New Idea Economy

Today’s hyperconnectivity, indisputably enabled by the cell phone, has bred a culture in which the boundaries of the workday brazenly exceed the familiar 9 to 5 framework. This creates a problematic environment in which devoted workers no longer distinguish between their work and personal life. This leaves them with scant…

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