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Transition To Independence

Use The T2I Plan To Live And Work On Your Terms In The New Idea Economy

By: Aaron Zwas

Today’s hyperconnectivity, indisputably enabled by the cell phone, has bred a culture in which the boundaries of the workday brazenly exceed the familiar 9 to 5 framework. This creates a problematic environment in which devoted workers no longer distinguish between their work and personal life. This leaves them with scant time to devote to other pursuits and pleasures – quietly detracting from their overall quality of life.

In his book Transition to Independence, Aaron Zwas offers an innovative fix to the burgeoning problem of work/life imbalance. Zwas explains how independent consultants lead wildly different lifestyles than the typical 9 to 5 worker bee.

These professionals have opted to offer their expertise on a flexible, freelance basis, that meets their financial needs while suiting their personal schedules. Independents are in turn able to regain a healthy work/life balance and live happier, more fulfilling lives―without sacrificing their earning potential.

Becoming an Independent surely sounds appealing, but many are perplexed as to how they can get there. At first glance, there seems to be a great deal of risk in making the transition to independent professional. Zwas has designed a method with wide applicability to a variety of professional and personal conditions.

Transition to Independence helps you overcome transitional challenges with the step-by-step T2I Plan. Aaron Zwas explains how to: distill your career experiences into a marketable asset; prepare yourself (and your family) for the changes that will follow the switch to an Independent lifestyle; plan a low-risk transition from your corporate job to Independence; improve your earning potential over time; and continue learning and growth with the online T2I community.


Aaron Zwas

Presidet, Zwas Group

He manages his consulting practice, Zwas Group, from his home office, enabling him to spend a significant amount of time with his family.

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