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Afa Pitts

Founder of API

Afa Pitts is a real estate developer and founder of API, Inc. based in Austin, Texas, and involved in a wide variety of projects and investments throughout the Southwest.


With a background in medicine, and a keen entrepreneurial eye, Afa has focused her creative talents and managerial and business acumen toward real estate.

A successful house flipper, she has transformed many distressed homes—creating gorgeous properties for her clients to live in and enjoy for years to come.

As a woman business leader, she has been a force to reckon with, using her drive to find opportunities in one of the hottest real estate development markets in the United States.

Though API has expanded into commercial development, Afa still regularly shares her insights and guidance in the house flipping arena. Now, at last, she has assembled her best advice into one comprehensive book.

The ABCs of Flipping book cover

The ABCs of Flipping

Your Guide to Buying, Rehabbing, and Selling Houses

Make your way through the alphabet, a letter at a time, through the essentials of house flipping. Learn from one of the best—house flipping is much more than what you see on TV shows. From Analyzing the Market to Inventory to Leads, and on through all the way to letter…

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