The ABCs of Flipping book cover

The ABCs of Flipping

Your Guide to Buying, Rehabbing, and Selling Houses

By: Afa Pitts

Make your way through the alphabet, a letter at a time, through the essentials of house flipping.

Learn from one of the best—house flipping is much more than what you see on TV shows. From Analyzing the Market to Inventory to Leads, and on through all the way to letter Z, readers will learn the most important terms, concepts, and how-to tips for flips!

House flipping is sweeping the nation. Transforming and rehabbing homes is seen on TV, in magazines—and in your own neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Afa Pitts has taken her experiences and written a fun, clear, comprehensive, and practical book for anyone interested in house flipping. As a reference, you can turn to it again and again.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why wholesalers are so important to your business model
  • How to develop leads
  • What repairs and updates are the most important to complete
  • What to look for before bidding on an auction house
  • A checklist for calculating expenditures
  • And much, much more

Join successful real estate developer Afa Pitts as takes you through the only alphabet a house flipper needs!


Afa Pitts

Founder of API

With a background in medicine, and a keen entrepreneurial eye, Afa has focused her creative talents and managerial and business acumen toward real estate. A successful house flipper, she has…

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