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Alan LeVar

Owner, The Law Offices of Alan LeVar Injury Lawyers

Alan LeVar is an advocate for driver safety and has spent two decades fighting to hold bad drivers accountable for the harm they cause.


He graduated from law school in 1996 and worked as a deputy prosecuting attorney, public defender, juvenile guardian ad litem, and municipal court judge. In 2003, he began to focus on building his Arkansas personal injury law firm, particularly helping victims of car accidents and tractor-trailer-related collisions. Today, he has five offices throughout Arkansas and lives in the Arkadelphia area with his wife and four children.

Only Collisions book

There Are No Accidents

What You Need To Know If You Are Hit By A Tractor-Trailer

Surviving your collision with a tractor-trailer is only the beginning. “No one in their right mind plans for a collision, let alone one with one of those gargantuan semi-tractor-trailers thundering down the interstate. Yet collisions do happen. When they do, what you do immediately after is of critical importance. Attorney…

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