Only Collisions book

There Are No Accidents

What You Need To Know If You Are Hit By A Tractor-Trailer

By: Alan LeVar

Surviving your collision with a tractor-trailer is only the beginning.

“No one in their right mind plans for a collision, let alone one with one of those gargantuan semi-tractor-trailers thundering down the interstate. Yet collisions do happen. When they do, what you do immediately after is of critical importance.

Attorney Alan LeVar’s No Accidents―Only Collisions is a comprehensive guide to protecting yourself and the people you love. It delivers essential advice for getting access to medical attention and other services when they are needed most.” ―R.B. Scott, journalist and author of Mitt Romney: An Inside Look at the Man and His Politics

“I was raised in a time when a man’s word was his bond. That’s all I have ever known from the time I could remember until now. Here I am at age 66.

During those years I have witnessed men in all professions choose to sell their integrity over doing what is right. I can say without any hesitation that Alan Levar still stands for what is right. What better words can be said about a man?” ―Larry Cole


Alan LeVar

Owner, The Law Offices of Alan LeVar Injury Lawyers

He graduated from law school in 1996 and worked as a deputy prosecuting attorney, public defender, juvenile guardian ad litem, and municipal court judge. In 2003, he began to focus…

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