Amy A. Pearl, Stephanie D. Phibbs and Diane Roesch author headshots

Amy A. Pearl, Stephanie D. Phibbs and Diane Roesch

Team Members

How could a single person write a book about collaboration? Knowing this would be a bit contradictory, the dynamic team of Amy Pearl, Stephanie Phibbs, and Diane Roesch endeavored to, well, collaborate. Amy, Stephanie, and Diane have worked together for years, alongside the creator of the Collaborative Workplace model, Judi Spear.


Together, this dynamic team offers up strategic solutions and simple tools to assist business leaders and human resources professionals in achieving their workforce goals. Today, the Collaboration Breakthrough team implements their innovative approach and realistic perspective to help individuals discover their talents, achieve their goals and become energized by their work. The team delivers their rich content through:

  • Employee surveys, to measure the level of collaboration in your workplace
  • Online assessments and customized 360 degree feedback for candidate screening, succession planning, leadership development, and more
  • For aspiring executives, a robust development program to build your leadership talent, as well as speaking engagements to energize your team

The team strongly believes in giving back. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be used to promote and advance behavioral and emotional health in our community.

The Collaboration Breakthrough book

The Collaboration Breakthrough | Think Differently, Achieve More

Think Differently. Achieve More.

Imagine, for a moment, a workplace where you and your co-workers: Share a clear and common purpose Conduct open and respectful conversations Easily build commitment to new ideas and approaches Use simple tools to guide decisions, actions and accountability Find opportunities to innovate, learn and grow Have complete trust and…

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