The Collaboration Breakthrough book

The Collaboration Breakthrough | Think Differently, Achieve More

Think Differently. Achieve More.

By: Amy A. Pearl, Stephanie D. Phibbs and Diane Roesch

Imagine, for a moment, a workplace where you and your co-workers:

  • Share a clear and common purpose
  • Conduct open and respectful conversations
  • Easily build commitment to new ideas and approaches
  • Use simple tools to guide decisions, actions and accountability
  • Find opportunities to innovate, learn and grow
  • Have complete trust and confidence in one another

This workplace does exist―a workplace where people think differently to achieve their goals, crush the competition, turn customers into enthusiastic fans and love going to work every day. It’s called a Collaborative Workplace and it starts inside this book. Follow the story of an almost fictitious finance grad as he experiences four different workplaces.

You are likely to find your own workplace among them. Then, get the Breakthrough Tools you need to make the shift to a Collaborative Workplace wherever you are and regardless of your job title. Creating a Collaboration Breakthrough is not only doable, it is essential in today’s chaotic, competitive, uncertain and ever-changing business landscape. The only question is: Do you have the courage to make it happen?


Amy A. Pearl, Stephanie D. Phibbs and Diane Roesch

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Together, this dynamic team offers up strategic solutions and simple tools to assist business leaders and human resources professionals in achieving their workforce goals. Today, the Collaboration Breakthrough team implements…

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