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Chad Prinkey

founder of Well Built Consulting

Chad Prinkey guides construction execs to higher performance as founder of Well Built Consulting.


Chad Prinkey guides construction executives to unlock higher performance and success. He has successfully developed nearly two hundred meaningful client relationships in the building industry across North America by delivering real results and maintaining trust since 2008.

In addition to his background and passion for construction, Chad is a performer by nature and by training. He relishes opportunities to speak to groups and move people and is a co-host of The Morning Huddle Construction Show podcast. He lives in Baltimore County, Maryland, with his wife Lindsey, their three sons, and two black labs.

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Well Built

How the Top 2% of Construction Contractors Create Superior Value, Profits, and Excellence

The High-Performance Contracting Code: Unlock the Systems of the Top 2% The construction industry is plagued by low bid procurement norms, tight margins, and cutthroat competition. Yet a rare group of elite contractors consistently achieve double and even triple the net profit margins of their peers. What’s their secret? After…

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