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Chip Merlin

President at Merlin Law Group

Chip Merlin is President of the Merlin Law Group and author of the book Mavericks & Merlins.


Chip Merlin grew up sailing on the Gulf Coast and Chesapeake Bay, racing for championships as a teenager on the one-design circuit.

School and work took him away from the water. After undergraduate and law school at the University of Florida, Chip founded the Merlin Law Group in 1985, which specializes in representing policyholders with claims against their own insurance companies. He takes a particular interest in cases involving losses due to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. The firm has grown into a national force for policyholder rights with eleven offices including those in Tampa, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Chip currently sails whenever he has the opportunity, racing in several different classes in addition to campaigning the storied seventy-one-footer Merlin.

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Mavericks & Merlins

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