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Dominique Farnan

Chief Conscious Connector

Dominique Farnan is a fearless leader who operates in high-growth settings while blending entrepreneurship and advocacy.


Currently, Dominique channels her expertise as the founder of DotConnect, a conscious connection agency and DoseConnect.

Driven toward future healing and wellbeing, DoseConnect is a first-of-its-kind talent company solely focused on psychedelic therapeutics. Dom’s mission is to empower talent and detoxify the recruitment industry. She lives in California with her husband Gulliver and son Baxter.

Now Here book cover

Now Here

A Journey from Toxic Boss to Conscious Connector

On the surface, it looked like Dominique Farnan had it all. She was a successful business owner with a loving husband and a beautiful son, but her life was in shambles and her heart was hard. As a high-functioning depressive, she had been emotionally closed off for most of her…

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