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Now Here

A Journey from Toxic Boss to Conscious Connector

By: Dominique Farnan

On the surface, it looked like Dominique Farnan had it all. She was a successful business owner with a loving husband and a beautiful son, but her life was in shambles and her heart was hard. As a high-functioning depressive, she had been emotionally closed off for most of her life.

That toxicity that she ignored and pushed down was rotting her from the inside. When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to take away everything that she had worked for, she finally hit rock bottom. That’s when she decided to make a change and take back control of her life.

With the help of her coach, she learned meaningful and lasting change had to begin by confronting what she had ignored for most of her life: what was happening on the inside.

It was all connected, and by stepping out of her comfort zone, and making a conscious effort to change her thoughts, she was able to change her life.

That new outlook created a monumental shift that reverberated through everything she did. It made her a better boss, leader, wife, and mother. Most importantly, it brought her a sense of peace and calm that had eluded her for most of her life.

2020 wasn’t the year that Dominique Farnan wanted, but it was the year that she needed. In Now Here, she describes the transformational and healing journey that drastically changed how she viewed and showed up in the world.

It contains a collection of lessons and fundamental truths about life, work, love, relationships, and spirituality that can apply to anyone stuck in a rut and in need of a change.


Dominique Farnan

Chief Conscious Connector

Currently, Dominique channels her expertise as the founder of DotConnect, a conscious connection agency and DoseConnect. Driven toward future healing and wellbeing, DoseConnect is a first-of-its-kind talent company solely focused…

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