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Dr. Cathy Bush & Dr. Tara Peters

Cathy Bush is a leadership consultant, coach and research. Dr. Tara Peters is an educator and international consultant. They are co-authors of The Demotivated Employee.


Cathy Bush has spent the past few decades investing in the development of leaders as a consultant, professor, coach, researcher, and author. She has worked with leaders from all around the world and across many industries and is dedicated to helping leaders understand the important role that they play in creating great workplaces. Cathy lives with her husband in Cocoa, Florida, and has two sons.

Dr. Tara Peters is a gifted educator who believes there is no greater calling than educating our future generations. She has worked as an international consultant, coauthored an Amazon best-selling book, and presented scholarly work at national conferences. She currently serves as academic dean of the Texas campus and professor in the DeVos Graduate School at Northwood University. Tara lives in Cedar Hill, Texas, and loves to travel the world with her son.

helping leaders solve motivation crisis

The Demotivated Employee

Helping Leaders Solve the Motivation Crisis That Is Plaguing Business

Are YOUR EMPLOYEES SEEM DISENGAGED? Do you ever wonder why employees are not as motivated and productive as you would like for them to be? Do you find yourself thinking that some employees are just “lazy slackers”? You may be surprised to learn that there are other explanations for employee…

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