helping leaders solve motivation crisis

The Demotivated Employee

Helping Leaders Solve the Motivation Crisis That Is Plaguing Business

By: Dr. Cathy Bush & Dr. Tara Peters

Are YOUR EMPLOYEES SEEM DISENGAGED? Do you ever wonder why employees are not as motivated and productive as you would like for them to be?

Do you find yourself thinking that some employees are just “lazy slackers”? You may be surprised to learn that there are other explanations for employee demotivation that you may not be thinking about when you are leading people.

Authors Tara Peters and Cathy Bush have worked with thousands of leaders who are shocked to learn that managers and leaders play a significant role in causing employees to lose motivation.

Without even realizing it, we take all sorts of actions during the process of leading people and organizations, and many of these actions actually deflate the motivation that people bring with them to work.

In The Demotivated Employee, readers will learn what leadership behaviors they are engaging in that might demotivate their employees. They’ll learn how to better communicate with employees so this doesn’t happen; and how to work within the constraints of organizational culture to help employees thrive.


Dr. Cathy Bush & Dr. Tara Peters

Cathy Bush has spent the past few decades investing in the development of leaders as a consultant, professor, coach, researcher, and author. She has worked with leaders from all around…

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