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Dr. Esther M. Alegria

Chief Innovation Officer at APIE Therapeutics

Dr. Esther M. Alegria is Chief Innovation Officer at APIE Therapeutics.


With more than three decades in the biopharmaceuticals industry, DR. ESTHER M. ALEGRIA has overseen strategic and operational initiatives in Europe, the United States, and Puerto Rico.

She cofounded and served as CEO of APIE Therapeutics, based in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Now as its chief innovation officer, Dr. Alegria focuses on developing therapeutic drugs to treat chronic and debilitating diseases.

Throughout her career Dr. Alegria has been passionate about improving health outcomes for patients. She willingly draws on her experience and expertise to mentor professionals and students.

She also serves on international committees, including the board of directors for Avid Bioservices, the board of directors for STERIS, and the board of trustees for the PR Science Trust. Dr. Alegria holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Hawaii and an executive business management certification from Harvard Business School. Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Alegria now resides in Cary, North Carolina.

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