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From Just Esther to Poly-Esther

Embracing Every Part of Yourself to Transform Your Life and Career

By: Dr. Esther M. Alegria

Breaking through stereotypes, Dr. Esther M. Alegria challenges the notion that promotions are limited to the privileged few. Raised in a low-income area with scarce resources, she overcame obstacles to achieve a thriving career in the pharmaceutical industry.

In From Just Esther to Poly-Esther, Dr. Alegria emphasizes the keys to transforming a vision into reality: passion, persistence, and a willingness to seize opportunities—and a lot of laughter.

As she reflects on her humble origins and tells the story of her career, she shares valuable insights and traits for readers to integrate into their lives to find their own sense of self-awareness and fulfillment.

With heartfelt sincerity and playful humor, Dr. Alegria encourages personal growth, empowering others to forge their unique paths. Discover how her journey from adversity to success can inspire you to unlock your true potential.


Dr. Esther M. Alegria

Chief Innovation Officer at APIE Therapeutics

With more than three decades in the biopharmaceuticals industry, DR. ESTHER M. ALEGRIA has overseen strategic and operational initiatives in Europe, the United States, and Puerto Rico. She cofounded and…

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