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Dr. Matthew Kolinski

Co-founder, USA Staffing Services

Dr. Matthew Kolinski is the co-founder of USA Staffing Services. He is the author of Work-Passion-Life Balance: Finding Fulfillment Through Zones Of Efficiency, published by Advantage Media in 2020.


Dr. Matthew Kolinski is a thought leader, physician and entrepreneur who is now focusing on using his past experiences to apply a new way of thinking around the business of healthcare. He completed a combination Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin while at the same time launching several successful businesses in the Human Capital Management industry. He has been working within several hospital systems throughout the USA and has learned about many of the issues surrounding the fundamental business practices related to patient care.

Additionally, Dr. Kolinski is an author and keynote speaker. In his recent book, Work-Passion-Life Balance, Dr. Kolinski talks about his own experience on his individual journey to find ways to maximize his life satisfaction through self exploration and identification. After 16+ years of investing in and starting businesses, he provides concrete recommendations to physicians and entrepreneurs through his book and his keynote speaking engagements designed for medical practices, hospitals or any business looking to reinvigorate their Culture.

Dr. Kolinski is now focused on “Reengineering the Business of Healthcare” through discovering new ways to provide a high level of medical care to patients while also optimizing, upgrading and redesigning the business model around healthcare. He is on a journey to find ways to bring patients back to the center of healthcare and optimize the time, energy and life of the providers who are involved in patient care. This is a bottom-up, top-down and all-around 360 degree way to rediscover what it means to provide medical care to patients.

Outside of seeing patients and growing businesses, Dr. Kolinski enjoys being a father and husband while and serving on the board of directors for nonprofit organizations like Entrepreneur’s Organization and for-profit organizations like YouCruit, AB.

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