how to find work and life balance book

Work Passion Life Balance

Finding Fulfillment Through Zones Of Efficiency

By: Dr. Matthew Kolinski

Work-Passion-Life There’s no question that finding your work-life balance can be challenging. But making room for personal fulfillment at the same time? Close to impossible― until now!

In Work-Passion-Life Balance, physician, entrepreneur, and family man Matthew Kolinski shares the secrets of how he took control of his demanding schedule―and found a deeper joy in the process. Through his unique experiences, you’ll discover how you can make your passion a vital part of your life and work, and possibly even enhance your quality of life in the process. So, go beyond the basics of balance―and, instead, learn how to connect with your inner desires and make them a part of your everyday life!


Dr. Matthew Kolinski

Co-founder, USA Staffing Services

Dr. Matthew Kolinski is a thought leader, physician and entrepreneur who is now focusing on using his past experiences to apply a new way of thinking around the business of…

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