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Govindh Jayaraman

CEO, Asus Medical Corp

You could say entrepreneurship is Govindh Jayaraman’s blood. Boasting an impressive lineage of industrious trailblazers, he appears to have inherited his forebearers’ irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit. His grandfather, who was a relentless and very successful businessman back in India, lives in legend.


A successful portfolio entrepreneur, Govindh now handily runs four companies, the first of which was started when he was just 18. His work in Paper Napkin Wisdom has earned him a characterization as “A Modern Day Napolean Hill.”

paper napkin wisdom book

Paper Napkin Wisdom

Your Five Step Plan For Life and Business Success

Famed entrepreneur Scott Olivet (Oakley, Mervin Manufacturing, Da Kine and more) said “90% of business books should be pamphlets or workbooks.” Aligning with this assertion, Paper Napkin Wisdom is a workbook – Jayaraman hopes you will write in the space provided, in the margins, everywhere… To maximize your leadership journey…

What is Your Authority Score?