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Paper Napkin Wisdom

Your Five Step Plan For Life and Business Success

By: Govindh Jayaraman

Famed entrepreneur Scott Olivet (Oakley, Mervin Manufacturing, Da Kine and more) said “90% of business books should be pamphlets or workbooks.”

Aligning with this assertion, Paper Napkin Wisdom is a workbook – Jayaraman hopes you will write in the space provided, in the margins, everywhere…

To maximize your leadership journey and growth, Jayaraman recommends honing in on one Paper Napkin Wisdom per week. After presenting itemized takeaways, there are five short questions called “Firestarters,” intended to ignite your leadership transformation. These allow you to focus, align, and act – Govindh’s results-driven, three prong process.

Each week, you will focus on building a singular feature of your leadership muscle. To be truly impactful, you will need zero in on the week’s given task; you must devote yourself to completing the assigned steps and answering the five Firestarter questions.  Requiring relatively minimal investment with the potential for great gain, reading a chapter and answering the questions should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes per week.

You then align yourself with those who can help you. Join the buzzing conversation in the Paper Napkin Wisdom’s Facebook community. Surround yourself with team members, peers, and mentors who can help you in your entrepreneurial journey. You are urged to be transparent about your planned transformation; make an effort to broadcast your goals and progress. Do not underestimate what you can accomplish in a year.

Finally, act. Execute what you have said you will do in the Firestarter and ignite your leadership journey.

You can also go to and listen to the entire interview with each Paper Napkin Wisdom guest.  Should you run into a roadblock on a given week, the insight offered in these interviews can be incredibly helpful in reorienting you.


Govindh Jayaraman

CEO, Asus Medical Corp

A successful portfolio entrepreneur, Govindh now handily runs four companies, the first of which was started when he was just 18. His work in Paper Napkin Wisdom has earned him…

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