Graduate a CEO by Jim Hunter book cover

Graduate a CEO

Why College Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Business

By: James H Hunter III

Do you think about how you can make money while you’re still in school or wonder if you’ll be able to find a job in your field when you graduate? If you do, now’s the time to consider becoming an entrepreneur. Collegiate entrepreneurship provides you access to entrepreneurial courses, mentors, funding competitions, and investment opportunities available only to college students—so, don’t wait until after you graduate—become CEO of your own company today!

In Graduate a CEO, Jim Hunter walks you through the process of building your own business through his own experience as a successful business owner, along with first-hand stories from his entrepreneurial students at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. From discovering and testing your business idea, determining who your customers are and how to sell to them to gaining the confidence of investors and mastering your numbers, Jim is with you every step of the way.


James H Hunter III

He is the president/managing member of three companies, CFO of one company, executive vice president of one company, and director of three companies/organizations. Jim has mentored students and others as…

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