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Jeffrey Leiken

CEO, Evolution Mentoring International

Jeffrey Leiken, is the CEO of Evolution Mentoring International and Co-Founder Of HeroPath International. Jeffrey’s innovative methodology of Evolution Mentoring®, offers teens and young adults an alternative to conventional interventions.


Rather than trying to heal or fix problems, he helps them learn the life skills and cross the thresholds that ensure they mature into capable, thriving young adults. He maintains centers in San Francisco, New York and London.

Over the past two decades, Jeff has presented to over 35,000 teens, parents, educators and youth development professionals. He taught in the University of San Francisco Graduate School of Education, has Guest Lectured at Stanford University, was the keynote presenter for the first International Coaching in Education Conference in London and was the featured speaker at a TED Conference in Athens, Greece.

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Adolescence Is Not a Disease

Beyond Drinking, Drugs, and Dangerous Friends: The Journey to Adulthood

There are so many influences on teens and young adults today, the flood is impossible to control. Often, teens’ questions about themselves and their futures are too much for parents to handle alone, or worse, go unnoticed and unanswered. The consequence of ignoring these can lead to decades of unnecessary…

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