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Jeremiah Sturgill

Orthodontist & Orthodontic Consultant

Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill is an orthodontist at Sturgill Orthodontics.


At Sturgill Orthodontics, Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill and team help people have an enjoyable experience while achieving their best smile. Using his training, skills, and experience, Dr. Sturgill guides a practice where culture is key to helping patients receive the best treatment and get the results they want, all in an environment of comfort and fun.

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Smiles Made Here

How Culture Forges Success in an Orthodontic Practice

Welcome to A Practice Built on Culture In an orthodontic practice, great culture is about more than creating a good place for people to work, it can determine the success of the practice. A great workplace culture is one where everyone smiles, is genuinely happy to be there, and works…

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