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Smiles Made Here

How Culture Forges Success in an Orthodontic Practice

By: Jeremiah Sturgill

Welcome to A Practice Built on Culture In an orthodontic practice, great culture is about more than creating a good place for people to work, it can determine the success of the practice. A great workplace culture is one where everyone smiles, is genuinely happy to be there, and works together as a team.

It’s clear to anyone entering the practice that something truly amazing is happening, and that amazing feeling translates to excellence in treatment and care.

In Smiles Made Here: How Culture Forges Success in an Orthodontic Practice, Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill explains how Sturgill Orthodontics became a practice where team members—and patients—want to be.

Using his own journey in building a practice as an example, he shares how other orthodontists can build an amazing culture in their practices by focusing on what matters most: providing excellent care while genuinely caring about people. From a different kind of morning huddle to showing heart in the workplace, coaching the team, understanding the value of autonomy, and creating an environment where people feel safe, Dr. Sturgill shows how focusing on culture can lead to an amazing transformation.

In this book, Dr. Sturgill also shares answers to some of the most common questions that patients and parents of young patients often have about treatment, and how culture impacts the care at Sturgill Orthodontics. He talks about when treatment is needed, when to start, the art of the smile, and more.

As a specialist in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) and airway protective orthodontics, Dr. Sturgill also shares the important role orthodontics plays in treating problems of the jaw and airway. Finally, he discusses how the value of orthodontics goes beyond straightening teeth and how all orthodontists are not created equal—and culture is the differentiator.


Jeremiah Sturgill

Orthodontist & Orthodontic Consultant

At Sturgill Orthodontics, Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill and team help people have an enjoyable experience while achieving their best smile. Using his training, skills, and experience, Dr. Sturgill guides a practice…

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