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Jeremy Anspach

Founder and CEO of PureCars

Jeremy Anspach is the founder and CEO of PureCars, an award-winning technology company dedicated to helping the automotive industry thrive. He founded PureCars in 2007 with the goal of making vehicle ownership as frictionless as possible for both dealers and consumers. He is also the author of Blind Spots.


PureCars’ proprietary software platform synthesizes a massive amount of data to drive efficiencies that eliminate ad waste and result in a lower cost per unit sold, resulting in more competitive pricing which benefits both dealer and consumer. Jeremy’s passion for helping the industry flourish with best-in-class technology and service has propelled PureCars to the top of automotive technology companies in North America.

PureCars was named to the Inc. 5000 list for six consecutive years, earned Google Premier Partnership Status and was awarded Top Rated SEM by Driving Sales. Jeremy is a renowned industry speaker and recognized expert on how to embrace the digital age to create a win-win for both consumer and dealership.

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