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Blind Spots

A Guide to Eliminating Today’s Automotive Digital Media Waste

By: Jeremy Anspach

It’s time for dealerships to open their eyes to marketing blind spots―and embrace innovative twenty-first-century strategies before it’s too late.

The rise of digital marketing has forever changed how dealers interact with consumers―and understanding how to use these new cyber-selling tactics is critical for dealers who want to combat shrinking margins and new industry disrupters.

For the first time in book form, Jeremy Anspach lays out these revolutionary methodologies in plain, easy-to-understand language, designing how-to concepts that will help you avoid drowning in useless data―and focus on the proven metrics that matter.

This is the fact-based guidebook the industry has been waiting for, providing easily executable solutions for gaining market share and building a powerful advantage over your competition. That’s why Rhett Ricart, 2020 NADA Chairman and CEO of Ricart Automotive, says, “This is a book that every dealer principal should be required to read.”


Jeremy Anspach

Founder and CEO of PureCars

PureCars’ proprietary software platform synthesizes a massive amount of data to drive efficiencies that eliminate ad waste and result in a lower cost per unit sold, resulting in more competitive…

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