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Larry Gaynor

Founder & CEO of TNG Worldwide

Larry Gaynor is the Founder & CEO of TNG Worldwide product companies.


“My goal was to write a refreshing take that would relate to all entrepreneurs as we see life as a game and we play to win.”

TNG’s best-selling signature brands include ForPro Professional Collection and Ginger Lily Farms. TNG manufacturers more than one thousand products in several countries worldwide and launches between 50-100 new products annually. He loves celebrating success by doing cookouts for the company, taking his employees on mystery trips and passing out $100 bills throughout the year.

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Take a Chance!

101 Entrepreneurial Lessons for Making it Big

You’re An Entrepreneur. You’ve either started or are thinking of starting your own business. Or you’re all in and need to take a chance. Then this book is for you. Starting a business is brutal. 70% of businesses fail after five years and only 25% of businesses make it to…

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