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Mark Chamberlain

Founder & CEO, Lakeside Wealth Management | Principal, CAPTRUST

Mark Chamberlain, the Founder & CEO, Lakeside Wealth Management is the author of Why Do I Work Here? After nearly 2 decades on the floors of The Chicago Board of trade, Mark W. Chamberlain turned his attention to fostering his personal entrepreneurial mission: to make more of life.


As CEO of Lakeside Wealth Management, over the ensuing two decades, Mark continued to master the art of building an all-in culture that cultivates real relationships with clients and colleagues in a traditionally transactional industry.

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Why Do I Work Here?

Transformative Thought About Business Culture And Relationships

A change is coming, a new way of creating workplace culture, a new way of thinking about your life and the people in it, a new mindset, a new paradigm. It’s already happening. Do you want to get on board? In Why Do I Work Here?, author Mark W. Chamberlain…

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